To meet with the demand of the time, the school has been running E-com Club for the past two years. All the teachers of Business Studies, Economics & Accountancy are members of the club who have been unitedly putting in efforts to impart practical knowledge of their subjects. The club has been organizing various career counseling workshops & seminars for students of class XI & class XII. The club has prepared its students for ‘Prodigy ’– an event organized by Shaheed Sukhdev college of Business Studies in the month of October 2014 where the students made it to the final round of the competition. The member teachers of the club have attended various enrichment programmes relating to their subjects. In keeping with the tradition, the club has promoted the commerce students to participate in the International Commerce Olympiad organized by Commerce Teachers Association which was held on 30th Nov, 2014.

Interact Club

Interact club means an opportunity to step sensitive world of meaningful service to reach out others and to develop fellowship of young people united in the ideals of service. The aim of Interact Club is to nurture students to be compassionate leaders so that they become responsible individual who demonstrate leadership and organizational skills while extending a helping hand to those in need. The various works taken by Interact Club are:
Blood Donation Camp:
Blood Donation Camp was organized by “Interact Club” under the guidance of the team of doctors of G.T.B. hospital. The camp aimed at boosting the quantum of voluntarily donated human blood by way of making people for saving lives and harmlessness in giving blood for the human counterparts.
Visit to old age home:
Students of VPS visited Old Age Home at Bhagwad Dham, Mayur Vihar Phase-1. The members of Expression Club gave their regards to elderly people in the form of their presence and by performing various activities like Puppet show, Prayers, Patriotic songs etc. They shared quality time with them. All the elderly people praised the children’s performances. Children gave them Diwali Gifts too. It was a lifetime experience for them and they came back with their hearts full of empathy, love and sharing.
Visit to orphanage:
The visit of the students to “Gopal Dham Orphanage” was a unique and soul awakening experience. There children realized the value and importance of the word “parent”. The talented students of the orphanage won everybody’s heart by singing melodious songs. The students distributed and shared sweets with them.

Sports Activities and Physical Education In School

Physical Education trends have developed recently to incorporate a greater variety of activities such as activities related with stress reduction, techniques, yoga and deep breathing. Sports provide a great opportunity to integrate academic concepts from the other subjects as well. Physical Education also incorporates health and nutrition in its curriculum. Keeping in view the above importance of the Physical Education, our school organizes various sports activities at school, Zonal and State levels. Our school performance in the field of Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Taekwondo, Kho-Kho and Cricket has been excellent for last many years. Our Students have represented Delhi State in various games such as Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Taekwondo and Cricket namely Ankit Kumar, Misha Khanna, Akshika Boura, Deepak Tyagi, Abhishek Mishra, Abhay Negi, Sanjay Bisht and Shubhangi Mishra, Abhishek Mishra has played under-16, cricket league organized by D.D.C.A.  

Alpha (Science Club)
Science is considered as a continuous human effort to systematize knowledge to describe and understand nature.
The following activities were held under this club in 2014-15:
1. Science seminar organized by SRDAV Public School Dayanand Vihar on 7th May, attended by Dr. Archana Sharma.
2. CBSE Science exhibition at Guru Harkishan Public School Vasant Vihar Dt. 15th – 17th August. Ayush Goel and Sahil Saxena (IX B) got appreciation certificate for making working model on Green energy bricks.
3. Green Olympiad- Students participated and got certificate.
4. Educomp organized Science Quiz for class (XII) students.
5. Students of class (IV) and (V) participated in Science Quiz in Inter School Comp. at Universal School on 20-21st Oct.
6. Alpha club organized Inter class Science Quiz in the month of November.
7. Vaigyamka Science Quiz was organized in school.
8. Students participated in Science Olympiad conducted on 8th December 2014.
9. Science teacher’s seminar was held on 26.12.14 in JKG International School.
Primary and Middle wing school teachers participated in it.


(Social Science Club)
Social Science is one of the subjects which brings students close to one’s environment. It enables them to understand the process of social change and the role that they can play towards this change in society. Vivekanand Public School has introduced Social Science Heritage Club for imparting cultural values and awareness among students. Various activities for this are held under this club like Social Studies week, focusing on different social evils in society, heritage quiz, awareness campaigns etc.

Jhankar (Music Club)
Jhankar “Music” club has prepared the students for school, Zonal and interzonal competitions. The club aims to provide all the students a platform on which they can show case their talent related to music and dance. At the Zonal level Amit Singh of Class XI got the III prize in table playing competition (Instrumental Music).


Expression (English Club)
The English club is created to sensitize children about this subject and the latest development taking place in the field of modern English related to its usage & application in day to day life. The club has organized several competitions, mind boggling quizzes, debates etc. to help the students reach the depth of the subject & increase their ability along with higher levels of interests & enjoyment.

Abhuday (Hindi Club)
Hindi is our Mother tongue & ‘Abhuday’ is working for easy understanding of the language. We are promoting the use of Hindi among children through various activities. They participated enthusiastically in Inter class, Inter house and Inter school Competitions. All round the year activities like skits, debates, doha and poem recitation were organized for classes from I to X.

Ramanujan’s Forte

(Mathematics Club)
The Club organized competitive and non- competitive events. The “One day Math’s Exhibition” saw school children actively participating. By using encyclopedia and the internet, besides help from their teachers, school children in group of three or four, came up with charts, models, games and puzzles.

Techno Whiz Club

(Computer Science Club)
Computer-based education is an important aspect in order to develop school children into young and aspiring. IT professionals and experts. This years, VPS hosted International informatics Olympiad in which 41 students took part. 5 won gold medals while 30 students bagged silver. “Techno Whiz Club”, Organizes various competitions in order to accustom the students with different software available in the market.

Subhashitani (Sanskrit Club)
‘Subhashitani’ promotes Sanskrit to be understood easily by school children. For this, various activities were organized throughout the year.

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