Quality in schools has assumed greater significance in current times. With rapid advancement of knowledge & technology school education must provide improved & speedy methods to meet today’s needs. The school has, therefore, opted for the application of e-governance in its working.
E-Governance is an integrated platform incorporating virtually every conceivable academic & administrative functionalities. It brings in a unique bonding among all the users while delivering the objectives of the user entities in the school environment.
E-Governance focuses on all aspects of functioning of school & works for all segments of the school system. It covers the entire span of education i.e. from pre-primary to the senior-secondary education. It focuses on all aspects of functioning of school & works for all segments of the school system:




  Examination & Report card

  Examination & Fee Management

  Library management

  Datesheet & Holidays

  Assignments & home work

It is user friendly, customizable, cost –effective & efficient in terms of speed, accuracy, transparency & conduct of operations. It provides benefits to all stakeholders- students, faculty, management, parents & alumni. The benefits that it offers are:

  Access to personal & academic records of the student throughout his years at school.

  Parents get direct & seamless information flow from the school.

  Assured confidentiality.

  Monitor student’s academic progress, participation in extra curriculum activities & financial transactions

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