Reading enlightens a man and it is his real wealth. The best part about library is that it provides one with ample choice ranging from periodicals, journals (both national and international), major magazines for ready reference to the latest novels. In the library the students get an opportunity to utilize their time effectively and raise their level of knowledge.

With books depicting the life and times of renowned authors, it opens the doors of literature and deeply influences the young minds. Besides, it also introduces the students to the ideas of new authors, hence broadening our views on different issues. Whether it is Literature, Science, Fiction, Non-Fiction. or GK, it is through the reading (library) period that children are encouraged to explore the world of knowledge.

The Resource Center of the library is well stocked to quench the thirst of knowledge of even the faculty members.


"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr. "