Sexual Harassment Committee

St. Mary English School Balaghat

   Members of Sexual Harassment Committee

  • Ms Ashima Jhamb(HOS)
  • Ms. Nancy Khanna (HM)
  • Mr Sushil Mishra (P.G.T)
  • Ms. Sulekha Mattoo((P.G.T)
  • Ms. Ranjana Bhatia (P.G.T)
  • Ms. Manju Dod (P.G.T)
  • Ms Namita  Jain (P.R.T)
  • Mr. Ajay Sharma (P.G.T)
  • Ms Tamanna Gyanchandani (P.G.T)
  • Ms Shilpa Chowdhry(T.G.T)
  • Ms Suman Sharma (P.R.T)
  • Ms Archana Kapoor(P.R.T)
  • Ms. Nivedita Aggarwal(P.R.T)
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