Syllabus (2019-20)

Class I : Formative Assessment & Formative evaluation - I ,   Formative Assessment and Formative Evaluation -II,   Formative Assessment & Formative Evaluation-III ,    Hindi (All terms)

Class II :Formative Assessment & Formative evaluation - Iformative Assessment & Formative Evaluation -I ,Formative Assessment & Formative Evaluation -II , Formative assessment & Formative Evaluation -III ,  Hindi (All terms)

Class III :English ,Hindi ,ScienceMathematicsSocial Science,General KnowledgeComputer

Class IV : English ,Hindi ,  Maths ,  Science Social Studies ,Computer ,General knowledge

Class V : English ,  Hindi  , MathsScience , Social Studies , SanskritGeneral KnowledgeComputer

Class VI :English , HindiMaths Social Science , Science  , Sanskrit ,Computer

Class VII : English,  Hindi Maths Social Science Science  ,  Sanskrit,Computer

Class VIII :English, Hindi , MathsSocial Science ,  Science  , Sanskrit ,Computer

Class IX : English,  Hindi Maths Science  ,  Social Science  , Sanskrit Information Technology

Class X: EnglishHindiMathematicsScienceSocial scienceSanskritInformation Technology

Class XI:English,Physics ,Chemistry , Biology  Mathematics  ,Computer Science,Accountancy , Economics ,  History , Business StudiesPolitical Science , Sociology,Physical Education

Class XII :EnglishMathematics,PhysicsBiologyChemistry,Computer SciencePhysical EducationAccountancy,EconomicsBusiness StudiesPolitical ScienceSociologyHistory 

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