Faculty is the lifeblood of any institution. They are directly responsible for delivering the top-of-the-line knowledge and training your school promises its students. It's their passion, hard work and authentic interactions that help uphold the reputation of your institution. We are fortunate enough to have such a set of teaching faculty that is an asset to our school.

Our Leader and Mentor

Mrs. Nancy Khanna

Officiating Principal








 Mr.Sushil Mishra

   M.Com, B.ED

   Incharge,Senior Wing
    HOD Commerce


With 24 years of invaluable experience, he is an accomplished accountant teacher and hold the esteemed position of Senior Incharge at our school. His unwavering dedication, hardworking ethos, and sincere commitment have been the cornerstone of his professional journey. A testament to his pedagogical prowess is the consistent achievement of 100 marks by his students in the XII board exams over two consecutive years.
Beyond the classroom, he assumes a pivotal role in overseeing the academic landscape of the school, showcasing his holistic approach to education. 
He is  deeply invested in the success and well-being of his students, embodying a passion for education that extends beyond conventional boundaries. As a senior figure, he brings leadership, strategic vision, and a collaborative spirit to drive educational excellence. His profile reflects a harmonious blend of academic expertise, administrative proficiency, and a relentless pursuit of fostering a thriving learning community.

Mrs. Ranjana Bhatia

M.A(English), B.ED, M.Phil.

Incharge, Middle Wing

HOD English

With nearly a quarter-century(24 years) of teaching behind her, Mrs. Ranjana Bhatia has demonstrated not just a passion for education but a genuine skill in fostering a motivational and dynamic learning environment. Serving as the Incharge of the Middle Wing and the Head of the English Department, Ms. Bhatia has taken on significant administrative and leadership roles. Her involvement as the Chief Editor of the school's Annual Magazine and Quarterly Newspaper, along with heading the Digital Communications, speaks to her multifaceted skill set. These roles require a keen eye for detail, strong organizational skills, and an ability to communicate effectively. Ms. Bhatia's communication skills are evidently top-notch, allowing her to build and maintain quality relationships with both her colleagues and students. These relationships are foundational to creating a supportive and effective educational environment.Her roles and responsibilities have showcased her ability to innovate, lead, and inspire, marking her as a standout figure in the realm of education.

Mrs. Manju Dod

M.A, History, B.ED

Incharge, Primary wing

HOD Social Science

Mrs. Manju Dod is a seasoned educator with PGT in history and has been with Vivekanand Public School for 35 years. She joined the school in 1990 as the primary class teacher, and has since been proving herself worthy of all the responsibilities that have been assigned to her. She has been part of the committee serving as the Incharge of Primary wing and has also been the HOD Social Science and History in senior classes. She has received the best teaching award in her teaching tenure. She has been loved by all the students for her teaching pedagogy using various techniques like debate, talk shows, role plays, storytelling, and many other analytical approaches. Her journey has been remarkable, and we hope that she will continue to serve this school with utmost dedication as she believes in the motto: Committed to Excellence.

Ms. Namita Jain

M.A (Hindi), B.ed and Ntt

Incharge Pre-Primary wing

Ms. Namita Jain, a passionate Hindi teacher, possesses educational degrees in M.A(Hindi), B.ed, and NTT. With over twenty-five years of experience in language education, she has dedicated herself to help students discover the beauty and richness of the Hindi language and culture. She got the best teacher award twice in the years 2000 and 2007 and a gold medal in NTT. Currently, she is also the Academic Incharge of the Pre-Primary Wing, upholding this position since 2006. Her teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that language learning should be an engaging and interactive experience. She strives to create a supportive and inclusive classroom environment where students feel motivated to explore the language at their own pace. Whether teaching beginners or advanced learners, she tailors her lessons to meet the individual needs and learning styles of each student.

                                                                               TEACHING FACULTY

Ms Tamanna Gyanchandani

M.A.(Economics), B.ED(Gold Medalist)


Having 23 years of teaching experience and teaching in VPS since last 20 years, Mrs Tamanna Gyanchandani has been appointed as subject expert by the CBSE for last 9 years. She is great communicator who is committed to shaping of a better future of her learners.Consistently delivering tangible and measurable results. Her dedicated efforts act as catalysts of transformative change revolutionizing the educational landscape.From being a counsellor to managing school safety committee, her untiring efforts can be seen in maintaining the school decorum and discipline. Her dedication towards her profession and active participation in many capacity building workshops have always been recognized as a success mantra for the holistic development of her learners.

Dr. Madhulika Jain


M.Sc.(Zoology) M.Ed. Ph.D

HOD,  Science

As an educator in Vivekananda public school since 2008, and having more than 25 yrs of experience in teaching, the Journey of Mrs. Madulika Jain journey has been marked by continuous reflection, adaptation and commitment to foster both learning & achievement among students. Throughout her teachings, she prioritised creating a supportive learning environment in the classroom to meet diverse needs of learners by incorporating a combination of innovative pedagogical strategies,multimedia resources, Art Integration etc.Her journey in this school has been acknowledged and recognised and she has been awarded the 'Best teacher award' in 2013. She also been issued an appreciation letter in 2015 for the splendid performance of her students in board exams, signed by Ms Smriti Zubin Irani, the then HRD Minister. Apart from academics, she is the HOD of Science deptt, takes care of eco club, team member of examination committee, prepares students for inter school science fair, debates and other competitions and received appreciation certificate from DOE. She has also been a part of NCERT workshops & cbse evaluation work. Dr. Madhulika Jain always tries her level best to empower students to reach their fullest potential and become equipped to be successful in ever-changing world

Ajay Sharma

PGT- Physical Education

HOD,Physical Education

For the past 24 years, The journey of Mr. Ajay Sharma, as an educator has been deeply fulfilling and rewarding. Throughout his tenure,He has dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the betterment of the students and the enhancement of  school community. As a teacher,he has fostered an environment where students feel motivated to excel and explore their passions. Beyond the classroom, he has actively contributed to various extracurricular activities, serving as a mentor, advisor, and coach. Additionally,his involvement in developing various sports teams as well educational initiatives has helped shape the direction of our school's academic programs, ensuring relevance and rigor. His commitment to education extends beyond the confines of the school walls, as he has consistently sought opportunities to collaborate with parents, community members, and fellow educators to promote student success. 

Anshu Sharma



HOD (Computer Science)

Mrs. Anshu Sharma is a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants all children to be successful learners and works to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of students. A faculty with an exemplary track record, taught Computer Science classes for over 24 years and is passionate about introducing students to the world of technology and coding as having strong knowledge of programming languages and so committed to providing students with the technical skills to succeed in the workplace. She takes responsiblity for teaching students the fundamentals of computer science, including programming languages,networking, and databases and also helps students develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

MS. Nandini Sareen



Mrs. Nandini Sareen has an immense teaching experience of 25 years and is teaching at VPS since 2009. As a commerce teacher, she is a Professional Excellence awardee for student’s excellent performance in accountancy in SSCE 2011, constituted by Commerce Teachers Association. She received an Appreciation Letter in 2015 for splendid performance of students in board exams signed by Ministry of Human Resource Development.Also, she is the Head Incharge of Interact Rotary Club which supports various community and social services. She is a passionate learner herself who participates in various CBSE & subject related workshops and diligently conducts CBSE evaluation work. Nandini Sareen works with utmost zeal, dedication, devotion and commitment and uses differentiated learning techniques for the learners.

Mr Raj Kumar Yadav

MCA, MA (maths) and B.Ed

PGT Mathematics

As a dedicated mathematics teacher, Mr. Raj Kumar Yadav is committed to fostering a positive and engaging learning environment. With a strong work ethic, She strives to create innovative and effective teaching methods that simplify complex mathematical concepts, making them accessible to all students. Through her passion for education, she aims to inspire a love for learning and empower students to overcome challenges.His teaching philosophy revolves around instilling a deep understanding of mathematical principles, encouraging critical thinking, and promoting problem-solving skills. He is driven by a genuine desire to see his students succeed, and he is  constantly seeking new ways to enhance their learning experience. Whether through interactive activities, real-world applications, or technology integration, he is dedicated to making mathematics an enjoyable and comprehensible subject for every student. Her commitment to the teaching profession goes beyond the conventional, as He continuously explores creative approaches to connect with students and makes a lasting impact on their mathematical journey.


BTech, MSc Physics and B.Ed

PGT Physics

For Mr. Saheb Sachdeva, teaching is an opportunity to interact with varied students and aid their journey of learning and experimenting . What he loves about teaching is that it's not just about moulding a bright student, but also focuses on carving a strong individual. Over the years, with the changing education system, he loves to adapt to the new ways and bring the updated curriculum to his students- Tinkering and innovation are the two things that have been mixed with academics to instill creative and problem solving skills in children.  He  intermixes  these domains with his subject and fabricate various ideas and projects with his students., He has  thoroughly worked towards fulfilling their principles and ethos to bring innovation and entrepreneurship to every community and child. Through my teaching journey that has been a learning curve, I have developed skills like classroom management, student counselling, leadership and interpersonal communication over the years and have ingrained a better version of himself- an educator who is open to all kinds of changes happening. He enjoys while contributing his knowledge in the domain of Physics and innovation.

Mr Rachit Jain

M.Sc. Chemistry,B.Sc. (Applied Physical Science) and B.Ed.

PGT Chemistry

Effectively addressing a diverse range of student needs has been a hallmark of  teaching journey of Mr. Rachit Jain. He  has achieved this by tailoring his approach to accommodate diverse learning styles and by providing personalized support, both within and beyond the academic curriculum. It has become evident that enabling students to shape their own learning experiences not only promotes better information retention but also nurtures their self-confidence in their abilities. Choosing this profession has been a deliberate and dedicated decision on his part.His passion for working with children, coupled with my commitment to their development, has led me to this fulfilling role. His focus is on inspiring students through a dynamic mix of manipulatives, hands-on activities, and technology. By incorporating techniques such as class debates, open-ended questions, and collaborative learning, he creates a classroom environment that fosters engagement and curiosity.


M.A (Maths),B.ED

PGT Mathematics

Ms. Mandeep Kaur has been teaching MATHS to classes IX- XII from last 8 years. she always uses activity methods and quiz to deliver her topiics and builds positive relationship with all her students.

Mansi Anand

M.A.(Political Science), B.Ed.


Ms. Mansi  is an impassioned educator with over 4 years of dedicated experience, wielding an exceptional command over my chosen subjects. Her forte lies in cultivating a love for learning among  students through the seamless integration of concepts into a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. She passionately engages her students in thought-provoking discussions, instigating a deeper understanding and fostering psychological development, all while guiding them towards academic excellence. Beyond the traditional classroom, She has extended her commitment to education by actively participating in a noble cause, collaborating with an NGO to impart moral education to underprivileged children in slum areas. Furthermore,She takes on the multifaceted role of a compassionate counselor, navigating the intricacies of her students' academic, personal, and social spheres. This holistic approach reflects her dedication to not only imparting knowledge but also nurturing the overall growth and well-being of those under her guidance.

Ms. Neeru Lal

M.A., B.ED


HOD, Hindi

Mrs. Neeru Lal has been  working since 1995 till date for 29 years. Has deep routed knowledge of her subject and command over classroom learning and always achieved 100% board result till date. Believes in active engagement of learners giving them ample space for activity based learning. Actively participates in maintaining the overall discipline of the school. She was awarded as best teacher by the school authorities and constantly inspires our young learners.

Nutan Saxena

BA Hons. (Maths) , B.Ed

TGT Mathematics

HOD, Mathematics

With the goal  to make maths enjoyable and accessible for all students.Mrs. Nutan Saxena is a warm ,creative, supportive, engaging teacher who resonate best with students. She communicates knowledge and ideas effectively to her students and is able to create positive and engaging learning environment. She adopts teaching style according to needs of students .She is passionate about her subject and is able to inspire and motivate students to learn . New and interesting ways ---hands on activities, incorporating technology, or real world examples are used to make concepts abstract and concrete.

Ravinder Kaur Bajaj

 MA (Eco.) and B.ED

TGT-Social Science


 Mrs. Ravinder Kaur Bajaj is an experienced educator with over 30 years of dedicated service in the field of education. Having done a Master's degree in Economics and a Bachelor's degree in Education,She has been passionately shaping the minds of students for decades.Her journey in teaching has been marked by numerous achievements and milestones, with a focus on fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Her expertise lies in not only imparting knowledge but also instilling critical thinking skills and a passion for learning in my students. She firmly believes in employing innovative teaching-learning methods to cater to diverse learning styles and needs. Whether it's integrating real-world examples into the curriculum or leveraging technology for interactive sessions, She constantly strives to make learning both meaningful and enjoyable for her students. As an educator, her role extends beyond the classroom that is, She serves as a mentor, guiding the learners on their educational journey and empowering them to reach their full potential. It is her unwavering commitment to education and the success of her students that drives her forward each day.

Archana Sharma

M.A, Hindi,B.Ed

TGT Hindi

Mrs. Archana Sharma is dedicated and qualified educator with a Master of Arts (MA) and Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) specialising in Hindi language and literature with 32 years of teaching experience. With a fervent commitment to fostering an engaging learning environment, she brought forth a rich blend of academic credentials and practical teaching experience. Moreover, her pedagogical approach emphasizes inclusivity, differentiation, and personalized instruction. Recognizing that every student has unique strengths, interests, and learning styles, I employ a variety of instructional strategies to accommodate diverse learners and ensure equitable access to education for all.

Mrs Shilpa Chowdhry

M.A.(English), B.ED

TGT English

An educator with an impressive 23 years of teaching experience, Mrs. Shipa Chowdhry stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of education. Her illustrious career has been punctuated by accolades, having received three prestigious Best Teacher Awards for her outstanding contributions to the field. She is a trailblazer who brings a dynamic approach to the classroom, infusing innovative ideas and creativity into teaching methodology. As a proponent of cultivating a positive learning environment, She goes beyond traditional pedagogies to create a space where students thrive both academically and personally. Her commitment to foster a constructive atmosphere is evident in the palpable enthusiasm that radiates from her students. Beyond the confines of the classroom, she assumes the role of a compassionate counselor, guiding students through academic challenges and personal development. Her dedication extends beyond the curriculum as she recognizes the profound impact education can have on shaping future generations.


M.A., B.ED

TGT English

Mrs Reema Nayyar is dedicated TGT English with 19 years of experience at VPS. Passionate about cultivating language skills, she has successfully trained students for interschool and interposed competitions. Her commitment to innovative teaching strategies enriches the education journey, ensuring a dynamic and engaging classroom environment. Honored with the Best Teachers Award and recognized by PM Modi with a Certificate for participation in Pariksha Pe Charcha, She continues to inspire and nurture young minds.

Veena Sharma



Mrs.Veena Sharma is here in this institution since 1990. She carries educational qualifications in M.A, B.ED. She got the best teacher award for Drawing in the year 2005. She deals with students patiently and kindness. She always tries her best to inculcate values in students through role-plays, story telling etc. Her hard- work and dedication is always seen in her work.

Neelam Sharma

Music Teacher

Mrs. Neelam Sharma is a seasoned music educator with over 35 years of experience at Vivekanand Public School. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and Dance, alongside a Bachelor of Arts degree. She specializes in designing tailored curriculum frameworks, fostering inclusivity, and advocating for student-centered learning. Neelam's expertise lies in vocal training, music theory, and instrumental instruction, with a focus on classical and contemporary styles. She emphasizes experiential learning and promotes a holistic approach to music education.


B.A. Diploma in Art & Craft


Mrs Tara Chauhan TGT( Drawing) has completed her Graduation & three years diploma in Fine Art from Delhi Administration.She has been workingas an Art teacher forlast 30 years.She helped students for the preparation all the events like Annual fete,Drawing competition, Stage decoration,Zonal competition and many more. Teaching is not just a profession for her; it’s a lifelong passion.

Poonam Sachdeva



 Mrs. Poonam Sachdeva is an illustrious art and craft teacher with 32 years of experience, now leading as the Head of Department. She earned the Best Teacher award for her outstanding work once in her serving period. Her classes are filled with fun and creative activities, blending new and traditional techniques to inspire students. With a wide range of drawing ideas and craft projects, she encourages students to explore their artistic side fully. Her teaching methods spark imagination and foster a love for creativity, making her classes both enjoyable and enriching for students of all ages.

Ms. Rituva Tiwari

MA. MLib.


Books help in multifarious ways in student life. To explain the wonders of books to students, Mrs. Rituva Tiwari has been working as librarian at VPS for past 24 years. Her journey has woven a rich tapestry of experiences. She witnessed the evolution of technologies, adapted her approach to meet the changing curriculum demands and worked actively to nurture a passion for reading among student. A learner, a poet and a visionary who was also felicitated by her school as being the Best Teacher.

Mrs. Deepa Dhingra

M.Com B.Ed

TGT Mathematics

Mrs. Deepa Dhingra has an experience of 13 years in teaching.She has done M.com B.Ed (Mathematics and Economics), B.Lib Her passion for teaching and guiding the students is beyond the classroom.She adopts different teaching pedagogies like lecture based,group learning, game based ,kinesthetic learning etc. She teaches according to the needs and abilities of the students . She maintains discipline in the classroom by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures and also inculcates moral values among the students. Her achievements are scholarship from MDU,Rohtak. She got certificates from school and colleges for getting good positions and attending seminars. She Possess positive attitude, patience and compassion as her key skills ,she has capacity to work with team spirit and enthusiasm.She emphasises her students to Follow 3S: SUCCESS = SILENT +SMILE.



TGT, French


Mrs, Shelly Grover with an advanced Diploma in French language from Delhi University.B.Ed (MDU)is a Committed French Language Instructor with expertise in language grammar. She is passionate about promoting cultural awareness , creating an engaging and supportive learning environment. She aims at taking an innovative approach and follows strong organisational skills. She fully demonstrates patience, passion and excellent analytical skills


BSc. , B.Ed.

TGT Science

Mrs. Sapna Arora has been teaching Science to Class VI to IX and Chemistry to class X from last 10 years. Received two appreciation certificates from DOE in 2022 for being mentor in Science Competitions. Using Art lntegrated activities and aids to give concrete idea of the concepts to students and concentrate on feedbacks from the students. She continuously strives to stimulate the young mind

Ms. Jaspreet kaur

Pursuing M.A (English), B.ED, NPTT, BA Hons. (English)    TGT English

"The magic of education lies in the alchemy of the student-teacher bond, where curiosity is the catalyst and knowledge is the result."

Ms. Jaspreet Kaur is a dynamic educator with a passion for inspiring young minds.She has done diploma in German Language and is pursuing higher levels from Max Mueller Institute , Delhi.She has done diploma in advanced computer, so competent in utilising educational technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences & Proficient in conducting effective online classes and utilising virtual platforms. She has 5 years experience in the teaching profession. She Inspires and motivates students to actively participate in the learning process. She is a dedicated educator committed to fostering a positive learning environment.She strives to inspire students encouraging critical thinking and lifelong learning.

MrDeepak Bhatt

M.A(आचार्य),B.Ed(शिक्षाशास्त्री)    Yoga Diploma 


Mr. Deepak Bhatt has been working dedicatedly as TGT Sanskrit for the last 2 years.  He believes in the piousness of sanskrit language and loves to read Sanskrit literature. He has developed that love among his students. He has been Awarded by Hindustani bhasha academy & Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Kala Kendra .Mr. Deepak has won First place in kabaddi zonal and Debate Competition.He has participated in Inter university Cricket Tournament from (MDU)Rohtak. He has got first position All India national Shlok Competition organised by Rrashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth , Tirupati Andhra Pradesh) He secured first place in various competitions like quizzes, shlok competition etc organised by Delhi Sanskrit Academy .

Mr. Rohit Uppadhay

M.A.(Political Science), B.Ed.

TGT  Social studies

Mr. Rohit Shamais a highly passionate and versatile teacher with a strong commitment to delivering exceptional education and fostering a positive learning environment and10 years of classroom experience.He is resourceful and goal driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. He is always inclined to utilize diverse skills and contribute to the academic success and personal growth of students. He has  received Gold medal and Genius Teacher Award Trophy from Indian Genius Search Institution (IGS).

Mr. Kamaljeet Singh

B. Com & Advance Diploma in Computer Programming and System Analysis.

Mr. Kamaljeet Singh has done B. Com and one Year Advance Diploma in Computer Programming and System Analysis. As a highly dedicated and experienced teacher with over 10 years of classroom experience as English Teacher. He is committed to creating a nurturing and engaging learning environment for all students. He possesses a strong background in curriculum development, lesson planning and student assessment, and he is skilled in utilizing instructional technology to enhance learning outcomes.

Pankaj sachdeva

M.Sc Zoology, M.A.English, B.Ed. 

TGT Science

With over twenty years of experience in education and an academic background including an M.Sc. in Zoology, M.A. in English, and a B.Ed. in Life Sciences & Physical Sciences, Mrs. Pankaj Sachdeva is a dedicated to creating a stimulating learning environment for her students. Her approach involves crafting curriculum-aligned lesson plans and employing innovative pedagogical methods to meet the diverse needs of her students.She has undertaken professional development, including a 52-hour training program by DIKSHA and specialised webinars organised by CBSE, to enhance her teaching skills and integrate modern educational technologies effectively. Her commitment to excellence in teaching and mentorship has been recognized with the Best Teacher Award from Sacred Hearts School, which continues to motivate her to strive for the highest standards in education. She emphasises to her students the significance of taking the initial step, often reminding them,

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

Mrs. Archana Kapoor

M.A.English, B.Ed. 


From the past 25 years, Mrs. Archana Kapoor has been dedicated to nurturing young minds as a primary English teacher. Over the years, she has been teaching with various methods and strategies to engage primary students in learning English, such as games, songs, storytelling, and interactive activities. As a teacher, she takes pride in several achievements over her 25-years career that she has implemented innovative teaching strategies that cater to diverse learning styles, resulting in improved academic performance and engagement among her students. Secondly, she got the best teachers award in 2004 and hope that she will continue this journey with the same enthusiasm and dedication in theyearstocome.

Mrs. Anuradha

M.A.Eco, B.Ed. 


Ms. Anuradha Sehgal, an esteemed educator hailing from Vivekanand Public School, has been an integral part of our institution since 1993. Armed with a robust academic background, she holds M.A and B.ED qualifications. Commendably, she clinched the Best Teacher Award a decade into her dedicated service. In the realm of skills, Ms. Sehgal places paramount importance on communication, recognizing it as the linchpin of effective education. Her innovative teaching methodologies revolve around competency-based learning. She believes in building strong relationships not only with students but also with fellow educators. A testament to her dedication, Ms. Sehgal strives to foster a positive rapport between herself and her students, referring to them affectionately as her "kids."

Mrs. Nivedita Aggarwal

B.A,B.ED.N.T.T, J.B.T.


Mrs. Nivedita Aggarwal  is here in this institution since 1986 with educational qualifications in B.A,B.ED.N.T.T, J.B.T. She believes that a teacher is a second mother and nurtures her kids just like a mother. She is very affectionate and empathetic towards her class. She uses real-life examples and scenarios to enhance learning and creativity in students thus making them understand the concepts more clearly. She strives to go on with the changing education system and continues to shape the young minds with joyful learning. Also, she received the best teacher award twice in her teaching tenure.

Mrs. Rekha Rustagi

B.A. B.Ed. 


Mrs. Rekha Rustagi is a dedicated primary teacher at Vivekanand Public School. She has been teaching Maths from class III- V. She creates and adapts lesson plans according to students’academic needs, including both individual and group student-centered activities. She fosters students’ curiosity and interests in learning mathematics through hands –on activities. She is always ready to prepare students for school programs. She has received best teacher award three times in teaching tenure. She has Organized Inter-school event “Renaissance” formathematics for grade III to V receiving participation from more than 20 schools.

Mrs. Sunita Rawat

B.A. B.Ed. 


Mrs. Sunita Rawat is a seasoned educator with 31 years of experience in Hindi teaching, recognized by two Best Teacher Awards. She adopts engaging methods like role-playing and storytelling to deepen students' connection with Hindi and its culture. Her lessons extend beyond grammar, teaching empathy and critical thinking through moral stories. She champions an inclusive teaching philosophy, fostering a nurturing environment for all students. Her mission is to inspire, empower, and instill values through the power of Hindi language and literature.

Ms. Suman Sharma M.A(Economics) B.Ed

Higher Diploma in Software Engineering

TGT Computers

Ms.Suman Sharma has over20 years of experience as a computer Teacher . She has received best teacher award in the year 2004 and 2016.• Attended various professional development workshops and activities.She has a genuine passion for learning and is excited about sharing this enthusiasm with students.To make her subject interesting she prefers project based learning. She has also  promoted trial-and-error approach to student computer problem-solving.

"Education is more than memorizing facts, it's learning to solve problems.”

Mrs Anjali Gaur

B.Sc., B.Ed.

Diploma in ComputerProgramming and SystemAnalysis 


Mrs. Anjali Gaur has an experience as Science Teacher of Twenty three years . She has attended a number of CBSE workshops & achieved certificates.She has got certificates from Science Olympiad Organisation. She provides guidance to help students to understand the concepts in the field of science, & inspires them to seek answers for themselves. She usually teaches the students by using Toy Pedagogy and Learning by doing Pedagogy. She plans the curriculum in such a way that meets the needs of the students and adhere to the school guidelines and national standards ideas.


B.A., B.ED 




Mrs Jyoti Ahuja ihas been working as Computer Teacher since 1998. She loves being around children and making them learn in such a way that they could relate the classroom learning to their daily lives. Being a computer teacher for more than 2.5 decades, she is a tech friendly person and adapts the new and upcoming technologies in no time. Her teaching methodologies include designing, engaging lessons, incorporating hands-on activities, providing clear explanations, offering individualized support, fostering critical thinking, adapting to different learning styles, integrating technology effectively. She creates a dynamic environment where students feel empowered to explore, experiment and develop their skills in computing.

Mr. K.K. Gautam



Mr. K.K Gautam is  a hard-working physical health and sports educator with over 35 years of experience. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of physical education degree. He specializes in educating different sports and games and even took children to Inter-school and National levels. He teaches students the importance of physical health and ways to improve it. He uses different ways to improve the performance of the kids.

Ms. Sophiya Sehgal

B.A(ENG) Hons.B.Ed




Ms. Sophiya Sehgal is a warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring primary teacher at Vivekanand Public School. She is approachable to, not only to students but everyone on the campus. She is technology friendly and uses various teaching aids like storytelling , roleplay, debate and quiz. She promotes dual communication between students and teachers. She assesses her teaching throughout the lesson and find new ways to present material to make sure that every student understands the key concepts. The school hopes that she will continue this journey with the same dedication.

Mrs. Ridhi Kapoor has 11 years of teaching experience. Her skills include preparing lesson content, lesson planning, creating resources, preparing assignments, curriculum writing, and professional development. One of her greatest achievements as a teacher is helping students who are falling behind. Over the past four years, she has consistently identified at least one student who needs extra attention and mentorship each year. Some innovative teaching and learning ideas which she implements include personalized learning, project-based learning, and the play-way method, which encourages children to learn through hands-on activities and games. Her role in students' education journey revolves around the idea that learning is never linear for any child.

Mrs. Swati Dua

B.A (Eng. Hons) , B.Ed & M.A English


Working as a PRT English from last 2 years Ms. Swati Dua is a qualified educator possessing degrees in B.A Eng Hons , B.Ed and M.A Eng. She also carries an experience of 4 years in Early Childhood Teaching and 2 years of experience as a Content Creator. She uses skills such as creativity, observation, Emotional Intelligence and Empathy with students in order to create a healthy and fun learning classroom. She puts emphasis on phonetics in order to strengthen the reading skills of thechildren. She tries to create a child-centered classroom where children are open to give their ideas and opinions. She uses interactive lessons, quiz based learning, story-telling, collaborative learning , role-plays etc. Apart from curriculum ,she encourages her students to participate in co-curricular activities and fosters them with many values and new ideas thus aiming towards their overall growth. Her goal is to perfection reading and literacy skills of every student at the primary level.

Mrs. Himanshi

B.A(ENG) Hons.B.Ed


Ms. Himanshi, a dedicated primary school teacher, enriches her students' education journey with innovative teaching methods and a holistic approach. Her warm and engaging classroom fosters creativity and embraces technology, making learning a joyful experience. Beyond academics, Himanshi mentors her students, encouraging a growth mindset and instilling values. Her commitment to shaping well-rounded individuals has earned her admiration from both students and parents, highlighting her as a beacon of inspiration in primary education.


Ms. Divya Nagar





B.A(Prog) ,M.A  Political Science

Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education 

Nursery Teacher

With  8 years of Teaching Experience Ms. Divya Nagar possesses skills such as performing arts, Health & Nutrition, Child Psychology, Digital communication. Her biggest Achievement is to feel challenged to make their learning engaging and fun, thus also learning. “When they enjoy our activities and she sees their learning outcomes met, it makes her feel happy and that she has achieved something. Seeing the children grow and improve each day makes me look forward to another day. Interactive method of teaching. The play-way method is the most popular and accepted method worldwide. Children can learn easily through different activities indoor and outdoor as well. In this method, different activities take places such as role-play, audiovisual, singing, dancing, and hands-on demonstrations.

Mr. Anurag Mishra

M.Sc (Mathematics), B.Ed.


In the field of education , Mr. Anuraag Mishra has  dedicated himself to promote a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Through years of experience , He has sharpened his teaching skills such as communication with students and crafting innovative learning experiences . He is skilled at implementing innovative learning ideas like to establish the link of technology and various sports activities to increase the learning experience of students.


"You can do anything if you have enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes rise to the stars. ~ Henry Ford "